Boosted Extra Remote
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Boosted Remote POWER IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND While Boosted’s superior motor performance is often noted, it’s the remote that gives a rider simple and intuitive control of the board’s power with just the tip of their thumb. There’s a lot of engineering that goes into the remote because it’s the details that matter. We ship every Boosted board pre-paired with a wireless handheld remote. However, if you lose or break yours, you can purchase a replacement remote. To pair, press the black Multi-Button on the remote 5 times, then press the Power Button on the board 5 times. Safe and reliable The remote is your lifeline to the board so our engineers make design choices that promote reliability and safety. Ergonomic Shape The remote’s curved profile keeps unwanted pressure off of the Engage Button by protecting it from contact with the ground or other surfaces. Intuitive Firmware We use one of the highest power Bluetooth™ modules available that exhibits outstanding wireless strength, connection integrity, and noise rejection capabilities. SPECS Compatible with Boosted Mini S, Boosted Mini X, Boosted Stealth, Boosted Plus, 2nd Gen Dual, 2nd Gen Dual+, Standard Range Battery Pack, Extended Range Battery Pack Charge Time Approx. 4 hrs Comes in Box USB charger, remote, lanyard

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