Inboard Bateria Power Shift
Cena: 499,00 zł
Dostępność: duża ilość
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Powershift Battery: The world’s first truly swappable battery for an electric skateboard. The easily accessible PowerShift Battery can be swapped in seconds. Carry an extra battery in your bag and swap it into the M1 to extend your range.


Easy Swap Batteries: When we say easy, we mean easy. No tools required. Simply turn a latch and click in a new battery in seconds.


Safe For Air Travel: Check the M1 in the included travel bag, mark it as fragile, and carry-on up to three PowerShift Battery packs. Never worry about the wait for a ride at an airport again.

  • Range: Ride 7 miles on a single charge (+/- 2 miles depending on rider weight and riding style)
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs / 0.81 kg
  • Voltage: 43.2v
  • Technology: Lithium-ion
  • Dimensions: 10.6" (270mm) length x 3.74" (95mm) width x .98" (25mm) thick
  • Amp Hours: 2.25Ah
  • Total Watt Hours: 97
  • Charge Time: 90 min

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