Landyachtz Dinghy Birds
Cena: 485,00 zł
Dostępność: brak towaru

Length (in): 28.5
Width (in): 8
Wheelbase (in): 14.6
Plys: 7
Construction: Maple
Flex Level: Stiff
Griptape: Clear, Spray-On; Applied by Manufacturer

Introducing the 2016 Dinghy Birds!

The Landyachtz Dinghy series is back. Having trouble fitting your 32 inch board inside your locker or back pack? Well worry no more, this little ripper is only 28.5" long, making it extremely portable.

Pop over man-holes and carve through pedestrians in style. This board is perfect for your campus or city commute.

Don't get caught hanging onto a cheap plastic skateboard, when you buy Landyachtz you only get top quality Canadian Maple.

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